Shortened Travel Times for 100,000 Commuters: The Tuas West Extension

Of the 5 MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Lines in Singapore, the East-West Line is by far the longest: It is approx. 50km long and serves 35 stations. Currently, the green line of the city railway is being lengthened by 7.5km within the scope of the Tuas West Extension project. The new line will provide better connections between Tuas Industrial Park in western Singapore and other districts. For the 100,000 commuters who travel to the industrial park daily, travel times will be shortened by up to 35 minutes thanks to the MRT extension.

The extension of the East-West Line is being built in four sections. In one of these sections, awarded under Contract C1688, a 2.8km long viaduct is being built that will accommodate the rails for the new route. Utracon Singapore was awarded the contract for post-tensioning and erecting the precast concrete segments needed for the viaduct in this section.

The majority of the spans for the viaduct are 40m long, and the precast segments are typically 2.4m deep. Near the station, the spans are generally smaller at a length of 25m with 1.6m deep segments. The viaduct is constructed using the span by span precast segmental construction method with launching girders.

However, one section of the viaduct is to cross over the existing Pan Island Expressway, which required 75m long spans. The free cantilever precast segmental construction method was adopted for the 5 spans involved.

A total of 1,500t of DYWIDAG Strand Tendons were needed for post-tensioning the viaduct, the crossheads and the precast concrete elements at the new railway station. Due to the variety of span lengths involved and the two different methods of construction – the span by span and the free cantilever method – Utracon supplied eight different Types of DYWIDAG Strand Tendons: 7-0.6", 12-0.6", 15-0.6", 19-0.6", 22-0.6", 27-0.6", 31-0.6" and 37-0.6". In total, 11,300 MA Anchorages were used for the tendons.

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