Retaining Walls of Transbrasiliana Highway Stabilized Using Bar Anchors

The BR-153 Motorway, which is also known as Transbrasiliana Highway, is Brazil’s fourth longest highway and connects the country’s north and south over a total length of 4,355km. It is important for Brazil’s infrastructure and carries a significant amount of traffic.

In order to improve traffic flow on this main route and to accommodate future increases in volume, some intersections with approach roads had to be removed. Work on the BR-153 included the construction of an approx. 100m long underground passage as well as two retaining walls and a viaduct.

At their highest point, the retaining walls are 10m high each. For tying back the retaining walls, Protendidos DYWIDAG supplied permanent, epoxy coated DYWIDAG Bar Anchors with accessories. On the whole, 37,130m of DYWIDAG Bars were supplied for this project. Protendidos DYWIDAG is proud to have contributed to this important infrastructure project in Brazil.


Governo do Estado de Goiás, Brazil

EMBRE - Empresa Brasileira de Engenharia e Fundações, Brazil

EMBRE - Empresa Brasileira de Engenharia e Fundações, Brazil SETE Engenharia, Brazil

Egesa Engenharia S.A., Brazil