Removable Strand Anchors for Unobstructed Construction Progress

In Cologne, only 4,700 rooms of the student union are available for the city’s nearly 100,000 students, which is why the demand for small apartments and flats is very large.

For this reason, the real estate company Bouwfonds decided to build a new group of buildings with a total of 208 apartments that are primarily adapted to the needs of students on Dassel Street in the immediate vicinity of the university. In an area named SUED.FLUEGEL, 195 single room apartments as well as 13 flats will be built on a total area of 2,570m².

The walls of the excavation for the new building complex had to be tied back using temporary anchors that were not to be obstacles for subsequent construction work in some parts. For this purpose, DSI produced and supplied the newly developed, completely removable DYWIDAG Strand Anchor. This system is a compression body anchor in which patented compression bodies ensure load transfer from the strands to the grout body.

The fully removable strands are covered by a PE tube along their entire anchor length. The patented end anchorage system ensures an easy and safe removal of the anchors within a few minutes. Only the PE tubes, cast compression bodies and footboxes remain in the ground, so that subsequent excavation, driving or drilling work can be carried out without any problems.

To stabilize the excavation, DSI supplied a total of 150 temporary DYWIDAG Anchors with 3-5 strands and a total length of 2,000m. The anchor tests that were carried out confirmed the excellent load-bearing capacity of this compression body anchor type. All of the anchor strands could be removed quickly and without any problems.

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