Prestressed composite railway bridge with steel pipe truss webs

The new Yamaguragawa Bridge over the Orii River, part of the Uetsu Rail Line between Kamiyama and Tsukioka, Niigata Prefecture, is a post-tensioned concrete trough bridge characterised by girders with steel pipe truss webs. It is the first composite railway bridge that combines the benefits of steel and concrete to achieve higher structural efficiency.

The bridge is a 51.8 m long, 6.75 m wide single-span structure. Since the bridge is located in a snowy area, the bottom slabs were designed as a grid structure, to facilitate snow removal.

The bottom slabs are post-tensioned in the longitudinal direction using DYWIDAG Tendons type MA 12 x 0.6".

SupplyRental of stressing equipment

Joshin-Uetsu Construction Office, East Japan Railway Company

Kajima Corporation, Japan