Post-Tensioning Tendons Strengthen Connecting Bridge Abutment

Recently, the Narellan Town Centre shopping mall in Narellan, a suburb of Sydney located 60km south-west of Sydney’s central business district, was extensively expanded.

The shopping mall area was enlarged from approx. 35.000m² to approx. 70.000m². The new part of the center includes more than 100 new shops and 1,500 additional parking spaces.

The old and the new sections of the building were connected via a bridge that also accommodates shops and that leads over the Camden Valley Way.

The two bridge abutments were post-tensioned using DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems. 34 Type 27-0.6", grade St 1660/1860 DYWIDAG Tendons with fixed and stressing anchorages were used at the northern abutment.

8 Type 27-0.6" and 36 Type 12-0.6" DYWIDAG Strand Tendons including fixed and stressing anchorages were installed at the southern abutment. Experienced DSI employees supported the subcontractor during post-tensioning. The 30m long bridge was lowered into its final position.


Dart West Developments Pty Limited, Australia

Waeger Constructions PTY Ltd., Australia