Post-Tensioning Systems Stabilize Major Projects in Brussels

In Brussels, two major projects are currently under construction that will create a faster, more efficient link to Belgium’s international airport. One of these projects will improve the northern access to Brussels Airport. It is part of a Flemish government stimulus package and is the first PPP (Public Private Partnership) to have ever been undertaken in Belgium.

Within the scope of this project, comprehensive work was carried out on the E19 Motorway between the town of Vilvoorde and Brussels Airport. Several additional on ramps and exits were built, and three of the streets adjacent to E19 were completely reconstructed. A viaduct was built from the existing bridge over E19 that extends over the three adjacent streets, creating a direct link to Brussels Airport for freight traffic.

The second project is known as the Diabolo Project because it consists of two intersecting triangular junctions, thus bringing to mind the juggling toy bearing the same name. Within the scope of this approx. 540 Mio. € project, which is being built by the Belgian railway company Infrabel, a new rail track is being constructed that will link the airport to Brussels and Antwerp. The new direct link will relieve traffic congestion on the roads around the airport and is planned to be used by 40% of all travelers to the airport by 2015.

A railway tunnel was built from the airport towards Brussels for the Diabolo Project. The new rail track also includes a section that runs above ground and, like the viaduct for freight traffic, crosses both E 19 and the adjacent streets Haachtsesteenweg, Luchthavenlaan and Bataviastraat.

DYWIDAG-Systems International Belgium did the post-tensioning work on the five bridge segments for both projects. Within four months, a total of 300t of Bonded MA, St 1860, 150mm², 31-0.62" DYWIDAG Strand Tendons were installed.

Additionally, MA 19, 13 and 9-0.62" DYWIDAG Strand Tendons were used. The transverse post-tensioning of the bridge decks, which were exceptionally slim, required an additional 30t of Unbonded DYWIDAG Monostrand Tendons.

DYWIDAG-Systems International Belgium is proud to have contributed to one of the largest infrastructural projects in Belgium.


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Technum, Wayss & Freitag Ingenieurbau AG, Germany (Northern Access)