Permantent Tiebacks and Soil Nails secure 510m retaining wall

Third Street Light Rail Transit System -Donner Avenue to Hester Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA

The city of San Francisco, CA, is facing increasing traffic congestion due to population increase. Retaining walls built along Highway 101 south of San Francisco, CA are part of a larger project of the Municipality of the City of San Francisco to extend the light railway transportation system. Retaining walls, approximately 510 m long and up to 9 m high, are constructed of cast-in-place concrete and anchored back by either permanent multistrand tiebacks or threadbar soil nails. Reliable DYWIDAG Double Corrosion Protection was chosen for both systems. Construction started in 2003 and was finished in earlier 2004.


San Francisco Municipality Railway (MUNI), CA, USA

City of San Francisco Department of Public Works, CA and WPK, USA; Third Street Consultants, San Francisco, CA, USA