Permanent Strand Anchors Stabilize Slopes along the Way of St. James

The village of Trabadelo in the West of the Province of León is part of the famous Way of St. James and is located on the A6 Motorway that links Galicia and Madrid.

Geographically, Trabadelo is located in a hilly landscape with steep, approx. 100 to 150m high slopes. In February 2009, a severe rockslide took place in the area. The highest slope slid exactly at the point where cut-andcover tunnels secured the A6 Motorway. The rock mass at the slide consisted of slanting slates that had become unstable due to massive rainfalls and construction work at the motorway. After the rockslide, the A6 Motorway had to be closed off immediately along a length of 5km, and traffic had to be detoured to the old Federal Road N-VI.

Following the landslide, immediate stabilization measures had to be carried out in order to extensively secure the slopes. Construction work on this demanding project was successfully carried out within a mere 16 months. Up to 50 construction workers were on-site, working around the clock. The project cost amounted to approx. 35 Million Euros. The project did not only include extensive slope stabilization, but also the construction of additional access roads to facilitate a continuous monitoring of the entire area. The complete slope was terraced in order to make drainage easier.

In addition, on an area of 2,150m², especially steep slopes were stabilized by anchor walls. 12,300m of active anchorages were installed into the anchor walls and post-tensioned to a load of 120t. DSC supplied 900 Type 8x0.6" Permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors as well as the necessary tensioning equipment for this project.

In order to protect the motorway from future rockslides, the existing false tunnels were extended by 3,570m². A total of 6,200m³ of shotcrete and 85,000m² of reinforcing steel were used for the slope stabilization work.

All in all, 510,000m³ of soil were excavated during this project. The Trabadelo section of the A6 Motorway was reopened to traffic in June 2010.

Supplyrental of equipment

Ministerio de Fomento (Traffic Department), Spain

Talud A-6 Joint Venture, consisting of Dragados Industrial, S.A.,Madrid, Spain and ACCIONA S.A., Alcobendas, Spain