Permanent Anchors stabilize modern Power Plant

The Youngheung coal fired power plant in Incheon City near Seoul, South Korea, was built to ensure energy supply in the Chungnam region. Since the beginning of construction work in 2004, four units have been completed which generate 20% of the electric energy supply in the metropolitan area. After completion of units 7 and 8 of the heating plant, it will supply 40% of the required energy in the region.

Units 5 and 6, which have been under construction since December 2010, have capacities of 870 MW each and are equipped with innovative filters that considerably reduce air pollution.

For stabilizing the foundations of units 5 and 6, DSI Korea supplied permanent GEWI® Anchors with double corrosion protection. The GEWI® Anchors that were used were planned as passive anchors able to compensate both tension and compression forces. Furthermore, the double corrosion protection is an efficient shield against seawater induced corrosion. Within the scope of the foundation works for sections 5 and 6, a total of 336 double corrosion protected permanent GEWI® Anchors in lengths of 8m was installed.

The client, KOSEP, was very satisfied with the installed double corrosion protected GEWI® Anchors. Consequently, the GEWI® Anchor System will also be used for other power plants as well as for units 7 and 8.


Korea South East Power Co., Ltd. (KOSEP), Korea

Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd., Korea