Permanent Strand Anchors Contribute to Stabilize Foundation of The Nyhamna Gas Processing Plant

The Nyhamna Peninsula, part of Gossa Island in Norway, accommodates one of the country’s largest gas processing plants. Here, Shell processes natural gas that is extracted from the Ormen Lange Field located on the ocean bed approximately 120km northwest of Kristiansund.

From Nyhamna, the processed gas is transported through the 1,200km long Langeled Pipeline to a gas terminal in Easington, England. The plant on Nyhamna currently satisfies approximately 20% of the British demand for gas.

Within the scope of the most recent expansion project, the processing capacity of the Nyhamna plant has been increased from 70 million to 84 million standard m³ per day. Thanks to the new, 480km long Polarled Pipeline, the plant will also be connected to several gas fields in the Norwegian Sea. The Nyhamna Plant will now be able to supply the daily requirements of up to 22 million households in Europe with gas.

In addition to the construction of a new processing unit, a hydrogen sulfide removal unit, several storage tanks and some buildings for the associated infrastructure, the expansion of the Nyhamna plant also includes the installation of compressors that will allow the extraction of large amounts of gas from the Ormen Lange Field. Two of the new compressors will increase pressure in the gas field and another compressor will increase the output of the Langeled Pipeline.

Stable foundations had to be erected for the new compressors. For this purpose, 164 permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors with 19 strands in lengths from 13 to 19m and 72 permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors with 17 strands were installed in the foundations.

The DYWIDAG licensee DYWIDAG Norge AS supplied all anchor systems and also carried out part of the tensioning work. Work was made difficult by the dangerous environment. For instance, it was not allowed to cut the strands using standard angle cutters due to the risk of explosion. To rule out potential flying sparks, the assembly team had to use special water cooled diamond wire cutters.

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