Micropiles Stabilize Pillars for Remodeled Parking Garage

The Yonge-Sheppard Centre in northern Toronto, Canada, a 1976 shopping center, is being comprehensively rebuilt and modernized. The commercial area is being widened from 34,188m² (368,000ft²) to 44,036m² (474,000ft²).

Within the scope of the expansion, the basement parking garage was also remodeled. At the lowest level of the parking garage, the foundations of the load-bearing pillars were strengthened using GEWI® Micropiles.

For this purpose, one GEWI® Micropile was installed into the load-bearing soil on each corner of all pillars. In total, DSI Canada Civil supplied 250 63mm Ø, Gr. 550 Mpa GEWI® Micropiles in an average length of 7.62m (25ft) for reinforcing the foundations. Due to limited head room access, the GEWI® Micropiles were brought to the required lengths using 1,230 couplers.

Due to weak soil conditions at the jobsite, the GEWI® Micropiles were post-grouted, a technique that increases the load transfer capacity when used in cohesive soils by fracturing the primary grout at locations of high pressure grout valves. All preproduction test piles complied with the required design parameters. As part of the testing requirements, one of the preproduction piles was successfully tested to 200% of service load.

The job used a total length of 1,910m (6,265ft) GEWI® Micropiles.

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Kingsett Capital Inc. and RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust, both Canada

Tarra Engineering & Structural Consultants Inc., Canada

Entuitive Corporation, Canada

Earthline Foundations & Shoring Ltd., Canada

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