Mawon 2nd Bridge post-tensioned using Technology

South Korea's Jungbu Inland Expressway connecting Yeoju in Kyoungkido and Kumi in Kyoungsakbukdo will be completed in 2004. The 151.9 km long four-lane expressway is expected to contribute to the growth of the inland provinces, minimize traffic congestion and reduce travel time. Mawon 2 nd ILM (Incremental Launching Method) Bridge is an important element in the Jungbu Inland Expressway.

The bridge is located in Munkyoung, Kyoungsangbukdo. It is 490.8 m long, 12.6 m wide and consists of two structures, each with two lanes. Eight 50 m long spans form the bridge's main section and two 45 m long spans form the end sections. The segments used to construct the spans are 25 m long. This project was constructed on a turnkey basis by main contractor Taeyoung and Jeil Engineering Co.Construction of each segment required 9 days on average and included the following worksteps:

  • Re-bar Installation (with DSI Anchorage)

  • Sheathing Pipe Installation

  • Concrete Pouring

  • Curing

  • Stressing (with DSI Equipment)

  • Grouting (with DSI Equipment)

The final segment was launched in March in 2003.

SupplyTechnical assistance Rental of stressing and grouting equipment

Korea Highway Corporation, Seoul, South Korea

Jeil Engineering Co., Seoul, South Korea