Matakina Bridge, another extradosed bridge in Japan

Near the town of Nago, the soon to be built Yanbaru Water Reservoir will be crossed by the Matakina Bridge at one of the reservoirs narrowest sections between the mountains. Matakina, a 11.30 m wide extradosed road bridge, incorporates a twin pylon, two planes of extradosed tendons and non-symmetrical spans of 89 and 109 m.

During design, the pylon height, the capacity of the external tendons, the girder depth as well as cost efficiency were optimized.

For the DYWIDAG Extradosed Tendons, external DYWIDAG Tendons type MC 19 and 27 Ø 15.2 mm with epoxy-coated strands were used. For corrosion protection the external tendons were grouted with an expanding light weight polymer grout.

As an allusion to the famous cherry blossom period of the Nago region each spring, the sheathing of the tendons was colored in different graduations of pink.


Okinawa General Bureau, Japan

Kajima-Tekken Joint Venture