Long Term Stability with Soil Nails

The construction project Highpark  - near the Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles in the community of San Pedro - is being built on an area of approx. 24.9ha that once was a residential area for the Navy. The project is currently planned to include 676 family homes, town houses and condominiums.

In the first step of construction, the site was leveled and the infrastructure consisting of streets and underground supply lines was built. Within the scope of this work, several slopes and steep embankments had to be tied back. For this purpose, DSI USA produced and supplied 229 test soil nails and 2,529 permanent GEWI® Soil Nails with fusion bonded epoxy coating and factory grouted double corrosion protection.

Once the soil nails were installed and grouted, mesh reinforcement was placed and covered with an initial layer of shotcrete. After installation of wall reinforcement and the hardware for the nails (studded plates, bevel washers and nuts) a second layer of shotcrete was applied, sculpted and stained to look like natural rock.


Fuscoe Engineering, Inc., USA

Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc., USA

SFI Bridgeview, LLC and iStar Financial, both USA