Innovative Stress-Ribbon Bridge

In order for golf carts to cross over 100 m wide and 30 m deep canyons that have significant environmental sensitivity, the owners of "The Bridges at the Horizon Club" (a private residential community), decided on two post-tensioned stress-ribbon bridges. This relatively new technology uses 25 segments of precast concrete, 3.9 m wide by 0.43 m deep, assembled over multistrand tendons ("ribbons").

Tendons within these "ribbons" are incrementally post-tensioned as these "ribbons" gain dead load as the precast segments are installed. Horizontal forces from the post-tensioning tendons are resisted at the abutments by rock anchors. The two identical ribbon bridges have a span length of 87 m and a sag of 2.24 m.

Engineer T.Y. Lin was awarded the ACEC 2000 Award of Excellence by the American Consulting Engineers Council (ACEC) for this innovative bridge design.

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Lennar Homes of California, Inc

T.Y. Lin International/McDaniel Engineering, San DiegoJiri Stratsky, Ph.d.,P.E.