Unbonded Monostrand Tendons : Reliable, Simple and Flexible System for Flat Slabs

For many years designers and consulting engineers in the US specify the reliable and yet simple and flexible DYWIDAG unbonded monostrand system for flat slabs.

A number of new hotels in Las Vegas were constructed with reliable DYWIDAG products, like the Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA which used DYWIDAG unbonded monostrand tendons.

The ease of installation onsite is not only an economical solution, but also provides a high level of safety for structures, which are out of the ordinary. In 1999 DSI-USA supplied a volume of 3,700 tons DYWIDAG unbonded monostrand tendons 0.5" for the flat slab post-tensioning in this region.


Paris Casino Corp., Las Vegas, USA

Perini Building Company, Las Vegas, USA