DYWIDAG Equipment and Systems Offer an Optimal Solution for Limited Headroom Conditions

The design-build Transcanada Highway / 200 Street Interchange is a long-term transportation solution for a very congested highway intersection. Improvements include constructing a sixlane overpass bridge crossing the Transcanada Highway.

The overpass is unique in that it is a flat plate cast-in-place design as opposed to the more common precast girder design. The flat plate design was selected to increase the clearance from the highway surface to the underside of the bridge while at the same time minimizing the incline of the access ramps. The design incorporates large quantities of post-tensioned multistrand tendons in both longitudinal and transverse direction of the flat plate bridge deck.

DSI Surrey was contracted to supply and install the 57.5 tons of multi-strand post-tensioning tendons. In total there are 53 pcs. 7-0.6" transverse tendons and 52 pcs. 12-0.6" longitudinal tendons.The large volume of traffic and the limited space around the structure challenged the construction team especially during the post-tensioning and grouting operations.The traffic flow continued uninterrupted while the work was in progress.

The project was successfully completed in July 2003.


Ministry of Transportation, Township of Langley, BC, Canada

Contractor Coquitlam Ridge Construction, Coquitlam, BC, Canada