Double Corrosion Protected Bar Anchors secure Local Ring Road

The village of Moena is blessed with idyllic scenery as a result of its location at the entrance to the valleys of Fiemme and Fassa in the Dolomites. In summer more than 4,500 bikers meet there for the "Rampilonga", Italy's largest mountain bike marathon event. In winter the village turns into a skiing area called "Tre Valli" with fantastic ski slopes and excellent ski lifts. The economy of that region very much depends on tourism.

The SS48 state route - also called "Road of the Dolomites" ("Strada delle Dolomiti") runs through the village of Moena. To maintain the center of the villages appeal to tourists, the government of the province of Trento began construction of an outer by-pass ring road in 2004. In particular, this ring road was designed to relieve the village center of heavy vehicles.

The village of Moena is located in an alluvial soil area, and the planned SS48 bypass is located directly at the confluence of two small rivers, the San Pellegrino and the Avisio. The difficult terrain requires the ring road to be secured over a length of 1,800 m by means of elaborate slope stabilization measures.

The retaining walls in some locations are more than 12 m high and must be secured by anchors that are permanently protected against corrosion as well as against the moisture prevailing there. DYWIT S.P.A. supplies a total of 54,000 double corrosion protected DYWIDAG Bar Anchors Ø 32 and 36 mm, for design working loads of 450 or 580 kN. Test anchors have already been successfully tested in accordance with AICAP (Associazione Italiana Calcestruzzo Armato e Precompresso) regulations.

Construction of the outer ring road is scheduled for completion in 2009.

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Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy