Double Corrosion Protected Bar Anchors secure Expressway Link to the Harbor

As a result of the "free port license" granted by Emperor Charles VI of Austria, the Adriatic port of Trieste developed into a major import and export harbor. The opening of the Suez Canal provided an additional boost to the ports role, since transport via Trieste and the canal cut the distance to the Far East by about 2,000 sea miles compared to transport via the North Sea harbors. In the course of the EU's eastward expansion, Trieste gained further importance as a vital port of transshipment to the Southeast European neighboring states.

As a result, Trieste has successively expanded the size of its port in the past few years. In addition the city's transportation infrastructure has been improved such that trucks heading to or leaving the port no longer block the city's narrow streets. In connection with the extension project of the "Grande Viabilitá" of the Province of Trieste only the 5.5 km long interstate section "3° Lotto - 2° Stralcio" was missing. This section is an important link between the road already completed from the harbor to the Cattinara district and the expressway from Venice to Slovenia.

As part of the "Grande Viabilitá" construction project a significant slope required some elaborate stabilization. The retaining walls were tied back with double corrosion protected DYWIDAG Bar Anchors of various lengths with diameters of 26.5, 32, 36 and 40 mm. A total of 42,700 m DYWIDAG Bar Anchors were supplied by our Italian affiliated company DYWIT S.P.A. In addition, DYWIT supplied the technical equipment required for installing the DYWIDAG Bar Anchors and consulted the parties involved with regard to the technical execution. In the meantime this last important section of the "Grande Viabilitá" could be successfully completed.

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