The Dalvatnet Dam: Dam Repair in a Challenging Environment

Norway’s west coast is characterized by a multitude of bays and fjords. In many places, steep rock faces that leave no room for roads surround the water landscapes in this region. The Dalvatnet Dam had to be repaired because it no longer complied with modern requirements. The contractor came up with an unusual solution in order to reach the dam without any available road access. All of the materials needed were transported to the dam by a float.

DYWIDAG contributed to this exceptional construction project. The 21 DYWIDAG 19 Strand Anchors that were necessary for the repair work were transported to the end of the road by truck and preassembled at that location. However, the anchors could not simply be transported to the dam by float, because strand anchors need to be installed vertically in dams and there was no crane available on the dam itself.

The solution to the problem was as innovative as it was simple: the DYWIDAG Strand Anchors were flown to the dam one by one by helicopter. Each of the anchors were hung vertically below the helicopter and then individually secured and brought into position by the construction workers on the dam.

As soon as the anchors reached their respective end positions, they were released from the helicopter’s hooks and the helicopter returned to transport the next anchor from the shore to the construction site. Once the flight manoeuvre was finished, the grout pump and cement needed to inject the DYWIDAG Strand Anchors was transported to the construction site by float.

Thanks to the innovative special solution proposed by the contractor and DSI, the repair work was carried out quickly and efficiently.


Elkem Saudefaldene, Sauda, Norway

Grunnsikring AS, Oslo, Norway

Sweco Norge AS, Oslo, Norway