Construction of the Spillways for an Hydroelectric Power Station

The Caruachi Hydroelectric Power Station on the Caroní River is located approximately 60 km downstream of the Guri Dam. First the river had to be diverted in its 1.7 km wide bed. Construction of the spillways consisting of nine gates for ten overflow basins is currently under way.

Fifteen 19-0.6" strand tendons for a final tendon force of 45,000 kN, were installed in the walls of the interior basins, and ten tendons with a prestressing force of 30,000 kN were placed in the exterior basins. DSI services included the preparation of a detailed tendon schedule, the stressing procedure and the detailing of the necessary reinforcement.

Currently a service road is being built supported on 52 post-tensioned girders which are anchored at the power house using 36 mm and 26 mm THREADBARS® grade 150.


EDELCA (CVG Electrificación del Caroní, C.A.)

Consorcio Dravica