Construction of the Doosti Dam

Tie back anchoring of the radial gates and the intake tower with DYWIDAG Bar Anchors

Between 2001 and 2005 a new dam was constructed in the north-east of Mashad near the Turkmenian- Iranian border. With a capacity of 1,250 million m3 the Doosti dam is to provide 50,000 hectare of Turkmenian and Iranian agricultural fields with water for irrigation from the Harrirood River. In addition, the Doosti dam provides drinking water to the Iranian province of Mashad. The dam has a length of 655 m and an average height of 80 m. The impoundment basin has an average width of 1.5 km. DSI supplied a total of 90 pre-grouted _36 mm DYWIDAG Bar Anchors to secure the radial gate trunnion beams to the dam piers. The radial gates are located in the center of the dam about 50 m below the crest, and serve to regulate the water level of the dam in case of emergency such as in floods. In addition, DSI supplied, installed and stressed 36 pre-grouted _26.5 mm DYWIDAG Bar Anchors for the intake tower. The construction costs of the dam totaled US$ 168 million. On April 12, 2005 the Presidents of the Iranian and Turkmenian Republics officially inaugurated the Doosti dam.


Khorasan Water and Power Authority, Iran