Construction of eight viaducts for motorway project

Konstruktor-Inzenjering d.d. is currently constructing eight viaducts as part of several new motorway projects in Croatia.

On Zagreb Gorican Motorway, section Breznicki Hum-Novi Marof, viaduct "Dugi Vrh" with a length of 448.70 m and viaduct "Zukci" with a length of 147.70 m. On Zagreb - Split Motorway, section Maslenica - Sv. Rok viaduct "Rovanjska" with a length of 268.80 m and viaduct "Crna Draga" with a length of 298.80 m. On section Prgomet - Dugopolje viaducts "Bejici", length of 178.60 m, "Fradinina", length of 88.60 m, "Rodine Glavice", length of 118.60 m and "Podgrede", length of 88.60 m.

All viaducts are being built as two separate parallel structures, each for one motorway direction.

The superstructures are constructed using 30 m long post-tensioned precast T-girders that employ DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Strand Tendons type 9-0.6" or 12-0.6" and cast in situ deck slabs.

For the aforementioned eight viaducts, a total of 505 nos. post-tensioned precast T-girders have to be constructed. Completion of the entire Zagreb - Split Motorway (480 km long) is expected till the end of 2005.

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