The Burchardkai: Anchors ensure an efficient Rehabilitation of Berth No. 7

The Burchardkai container terminal is Hamburg’s largest and oldest container handling facility. Today, one in three containers passing through Hamburg Harbor is handled at this terminal, which was built in 1968. Since an increasing number of ships unload their cargo in Hamburg harbor from year to year, the Burchardkai has been expanded and modernized several times during its recent history.

One of the measures for modernizing the pier was a pilot project at berth No. 7. The project’s goal was to facilitate future tiebacks for rehabilitating damaged parts at the sheet pile walls in the quay walls.

16 permanent, 28m long GEWI®Plus Anchors with double corrosion protection were used to tie back the sheet pile walls. Due to their high load bearing capacity and rigidity, the permanent GEWI®Plus Anchors are particularly well suited for this purpose.

In advance, DSI supplied 4 test piles that were used to determine the final pile and bond lengths. The drilling work for installing the GEWI®Plus Anchors was carried out from a floating pontoon. Since the starting point of drilling was located approximately 2m below medium high tide, work was only possible in limited time slots during low tide.

Consequently, the complete work process had to be synchronized with the water levels dependent on the tide.

The countersinking of the tendons had to be carried out using the back-step method. The piles that were left out could only be installed after tensioning and positioning the neighboring piles.

The extremely limited space within a previously welded steel box neither allowed the usual tensioning procedure nor the connection of the tendons with the structure. Therefore, a special and specifically produced socket wrench fitting the anchor nut was used to connect the bars to the structure.


Hamburg Port Authority AöR (HPA), Germany