Built for peace

Planned in 1995 by the Japanese government as an international aid project symbolizing peace in the Middle East, the new bridge crosses the Suez Canal near the town of Quantara.

The main bridge is cable stayed with two pylons and a steel superstructure.

It has a span length of more than 400 m and the total length of the approach bridges is approximately 3,500 m.

The approach spans with a maximum grade of 3.3 % rise to an elevation of approximately 68 m resulting in a 70 m maximum clearance for tall ships to pass.

DSI supplied and installed more than 2/3 of the strand post-tensioning materials for Egypt's longest bridge.


General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport; Ministry of Transport; The Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt

ACE-Arab Consulting Engineers PCI-Pacific Consultant International / CHODAI