Bar and Strand Tendons for the High Speed Railway Line

The 182 km long railway line from Milan to Bologna runs through the regions of Lombard and Emilia Romagna, crossing seven provinces: Milan, Lodi, Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia ,Modena and Bologna. A total of 42 communities are either directly or indirectly affected by the construction of the Milan-Bologna high speed railway line.

63% of the rail line runs on embankments, 34% on viaducts, 3% in cuts and 0.3% through tunnels. The viaduct system near Modena has a total length of 24.761 m and is built in two stages:


  • 755 omega single span girders each 31.5 m long which are prefabricated in plants as precast concrete segments.

  • 9 three span continuous girders built in lengths of 136 m each (40-56-40).The single span girders are prestressed with 20 12-0.6" strand tendons, the continuous girders with Ø40 mm threadbars St 950/1050.

  • All grouting work was carried out using the vacuum method.

The construction work began in August 2002 with a scheduled completion in March 2005.

Rental of equipmentSupplyTechnical support

TAV, Treno Alta Velocitá SPA, Rome, Italy

MODENA Scarl,San Donato Milanese, Milan, Italy