Bar Anchors Secure Large Infrastructure Project: WestConnex, M4 East Motorway

Once completed, the new, 33km long WestConnex Motorway in Australia will connect Sydney’s West and Southwest with the city center, the airport and Botany Harbor. The project is currently Australia’s largest infrastructure project.

The project is being carried out in 3 sections, in the first section, the new M4 East Motorway is being built and the existing M4 is being widened. The approx. 7km long M4 East includes a 5.5km long double tube tunnel with three lanes in each direction from Homebush to Haberfield. At Wattle Street in Haberfield, the project was initially started as an open-cut excavation and is now a tunnel after pre-cast planks have been put in place to cover the excavation. Since the street is located in the middle of a residential area, noise and air pollution had to be kept to a minimum. DYWIDAG-Systems International Australia supplied permanent, double corrosion protected (DCP) DYWIDAG THREADBAR® Anchors for stabilizing the excavation walls of the open-cut tunnel. 167, 40 WR, 9m long DYWIDAG THREADBAR® Anchors and 55, 40 WR, 7m long DYWIDAG THREADBAR® Anchors were used for this purpose. In addition, 16, 32 WR, 7m long DYWIDAG THREADBAR® Anchors and 252, 6.2m long stainless steel CT-Bolts were installed. Furthermore, DYWIDAG-Systems International had an RMS approved anchor supervisor on site for the duration of all drilling, anchor installation, grouting and stressing work.

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