Bar Anchors and Drill Hollow Bars stabilize a step Cliff

The Canarian island of Tenerife is of volcanic origin and therefore features many unstable basaltic cliffs consisting of volcanic scoria and rock. In the district of  Punta Brava in Puerto de la Cruz, residential buildings were erected directly on such a steep cliff.

In the course of time, the waves washed out the base of the cliffs, causing a rock fall that endangered the houses that were built at the top. The municipal council of Puerto de la Cruz therefore asked WARA consultants to provide a stabilization design. The concept included a retaining wall directly in front of the washed out area, a micropile wall and a row of horizontally installed anchors above the retaining wall.

The 708m of horizontally installed DYWIDAG Bar Anchors were 5-7m long, double corrosion protected, 32mm Ø, Grade WR 950/1050 bar anchors in accordance with ETA 05/123.

The load tests carried out on 3 of the DYWIDAG Anchors were successful.

The 59 self-drilling R51/660, 4-7m long DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars for the continuous micropile wall were installed at horizontal distances of 50 cm from each other and grouted with cement mortar.

Afterwards, the slope was sealed with a 10 cm thick layer of shotcrete with integrated polypropylene fibers.

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Municipal council of Puerto de la Cruz, Spain