Application of Pre-Grouted Anchor System to prevent slide

The province of Gangwon is one of the most beautiful areas in Korea. Over 70 % of the province is mountainous. Because the traffic volume in the region has been steadily increasing, roads had to be extended and stabilization measures had to be undertaken to prevent land slides. Because of the difficult geographical conditions in the area, we anticipate that the number of geotechnical projects will increase rapidly. For the Hongchon Road project DSI supplied 123 DYWIDAG Bar Anchors dia. 36 mm, St. 900/1030 N/mm2, with a length of 10,5 m and 15,5 m. The project was separated into two types of work: slope stability work for retaining walls on one hand and for natural slopes on the other hand. In both applications the DYWIDAG Pre-Grouting System was used in Korea for the first time. The Hongchon Road Maintenance Office, Province Gangwondo, South Korea chose the DYWIDAG System because of its high quality and reliability. As the project was completed successfully, we are expecting follow-up orders.


Hongchon Road Maintenance Office, Gangwon Province, South Korea

Dongseo Construction Co., Ltd., Chunchon City, Gangwon Province, South Korea

Kukil Construction & Engineering, Hongchonkun, Gangwon Province, South Korea