Anchor Systems Secure Third Berth in Hay Point Harbor

Hay Point Harbor, one of the world’s largest coal export ports, is located south of Mackay in the Australian state of Queensland, Australia’s second-biggest coal producing state. The Hay Point Coal Terminal is currently undergoing its third expansion to increase capacity from 44 million tonnes per year to 55 million t per year.

The expansion, which is known as HPX3, involves replacement of existing trestle conveyors and surge bins, construction of overland conveyors to transfer coal from the stockpile to the jetty, offshore dredging and the construction of a third berth with a ship loader.

DSI Australia’s Civil and Tunneling Division were awarded a contract to deliver

  • 67 permanent Type 30-0.6“ DYWIDAG Strand Anchors in lengths of 40 to 54m and

  • 700 permanent Ø 57mm THREADBAR® Anchors in lengths of 11.8m

The production of the permanent DYWIDAG Strand Anchors presented a challenge, as prior to this project, DSI Australia had only produced anchors with up to 27 strands without sheathing. Transportation of the coiled anchors and their protection from damage during transportation over a distance of almost 2,000km from Newcastle, New South Wales to the installation location also proved to be logistically complex.

The project called for close collaboration between DSI Long Beach and DSI Australia. An Australian team consisting of members from the logistics, production, engineering, quality assurance and sales departments designed the required system components and the anchor assembly technique required to pull the 54m long DYWIDAG Strand Anchors into corrugated PE sheathing. The team also planned the transport of the anchors that were coiled on steel reels to the jobsite and set up an extensive quality assurance program specific to this project.

Thanks to the excellent co-operation between the units, the first delivery of DYWIDAG Strand Anchors to the project site was successfully accomplished in June 2012. This project has not only proved DSI’s ingenuity and teamwork, but has also shown that DSI’s strategy of "Local Presence - Global Competence" is truly lived within the company.

Production Supply

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA), Australia