34 story tall office tower post-tensioned with bonded tendons

The extensive building complex consists of two towers, one with 29 and the other with 34 floors, 3 levels of underground parking garage, two main and four auxiliary buildings and a four-level bus station. All floor levels were post-tensioned with DYWIDAG bonded post-tensioning tendons.

DYWIDAG had already been involved in the project engineering at the planning stage. The slab systems of the underground parking facility and auxiliary buildings use traditional post-tensioned flat slabs, whereas the remaining units were constructed using post-tensioned cast-in-place beams with precast elements and hollow core slabs. The contract included supply and installation of more than 900 tonnes of DYWIDAG bonded post-tensioning tendons.

Installation required the fabrication of special climbing scaffolding which was developed and designed in close cooperation with the client.This substantially facilitated the stressing operation of the post-tensioning tendons.


Singapore Housing & Development Board