17,000 m Hollow Bars deep beneath Downtown London

DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars proved very effective for stabilization under difficult geological conditions, particularly at the London portal. DSI Services Approx. 17,000 m of DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars with EC51 drill bit. Rental of stressing and testing equipment. Anchors up to 20 m long were drilled into the soil to stabilize the portal and to secure advancing. In addition rock bolts were used for driving the tunnel, soil nails were used for the slope stabilization.

The DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars were injected with a cement grout to ensure a maximum grout cover around the Hollow bar and increased anchor capacity which shorted the construction time by combining two steps into one.

DSI UK supplied rotary grouting adapters which made it possible to simultaneously drill and grout.

A reserve of spare adapters were always in stock to ensure continuous progress around the clock seven days a week.

SupplyRental of stressing and testing equipment

Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Eurolink, consisting of: Miller, GTM, Dumez and Beton Monierbau