1,500kg DYWIDAG Bar Anchors: A Challenge in the Port of Antwerp

The Noord Natie Terminals company operates a large facility for the storage and handling of liquids in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. The facility offers its customers different stainless steel storage tanks with capacities ranging from 30 to 8,300m³. The storage terminal is located on the right bank of the Schelde River in the port of Antwerp.

To allow Noord Natie to expand its terminal, the Port of Antwerp decided to make the northern quay of the 4th harbor dock accessible for ships with a draft of up to 14m.

To accomplish this objective, the existing quay walls had to be renovated and expanded over a length of approx. 380m. The existing quay wall foundation was deepened by dredging and stabilized using ground anchors. Work also included the construction of a new quay wall and the repair of the damaged platform as well as the vibration-free demolition of the quay wall toe of the existing quay wall.

To tie back the deepened quay wall, DYWIDAG-Systems International Belgium supplied 154 75mm Ø double corrosionprotected (DCP), permanent DYWIDAG Bar Anchors in lengths ranging from 29.5 to 33.5m.

The DYWIDAG Bar Anchors were produced at the DSI Koenigsbrunn site in only two segments that were connected on site using a coupler splice in the unbonded anchor length. In total, 240t of material were used for the ground anchors including accessories.

The individual anchor parts were up to 16.75m long, with their weight of 750kg representing a special challenge for production. The production of the permanent anchors had to keep up with the rapid installation rate.

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